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MilanoStyle – MilanoStyle is the online guide to Lifestyle, Luxury and Travel in Italy. The MilanoStyle newsletter has over 3000 subscribers and features articles, tips and insights on travel, culture and style in Italy. MilanoStyle features under-the-radar fashion, design and destinations and a behind-the-scenes look at life in Italy. If you love la dolce vita or are just curious, it may offer a better understanding of Italy.
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Travel Writing, Brand Storytelling, Copywriting & SEO Content

I write engaging, insightful content for travel and lifestyle publications and help companies communicate more effectively.

Travel & Lifestyle Editorials

With over 20 years of experience writing for travel and lifestyle publications, I help you capture and communicate the essence of a destination and tell its story in an informative and engaging way.

Brand Storytelling, Copywriting & Translations

I am a mother tongue English speaker (USA) and fluent in Italian (C2). I offer brand bios, copywriting and translation services for websites, marketing companies and press agencies.

SEO Content

Although I find solace in creative writing, crafting articles for search engine optimization is like a challenging puzzle. Finding the right keyword combinations and having them flow naturally in an article is intriguing and rewarding.

Travel Itineraries

I split my time between Milan and Lake Como, and I am always discovering new and exciting things to do and see. The city of Milan and the surrounding areas are in constant evolution and development. Secret gardens, hidden bistros, pop-up shops and private guided tours are updated on my digital Rolodex daily! As an editor and travel writer, it’s my job to be in the know! Through Milanostyle.com, I help travelers plan trips to Milan & Lake Como!


Celia Abernethy

I’m Celia Abernethy.  Originally from NY, I’m now living la dolce vita in northern Italy and on a mission to live it to the fullest! I am specialized in writing travel and lifestyle content for blogs and travel companies as well as designing custom travel itineraries for travelers visiting Italy, especially Milan & Lake Como. 

GOOGLE ME: https://www.google.com/search?q=celia+abernethy

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