I started my web career as a website graphic designer, programmer and database developer. My passion lies in writing and crafting words, so it was natural that content development was the road to lead me to where I am today.

Although I find solace in creative writing, SEO is like a challenging puzzle. Finding the right combination of words and phrases that read fluently and get ranking results is intriguing.

The real world of humanity and emotion and the virtual world of morsal entertainment are intertwined more than ever.

My mission is to create web content that speaks to the heart, sparks curiosity and reinforces the values of humanity.

These are projects I am currently involved in.

Seo Travel Content

Partner offers personalized SEO travel content creation and marketing services for your travel brand. The team of dedicated content creators create marketing campaigns and optimized web content which will boost search engine ranking and presence.

Milano Style

Founder is the blog about Italy, travel & style. It gives the reader an insider’s view of visiting Milan, Lake Como and other areas of il bel paese. MilanoStyle is not only about tourism and fashion but is an intimate look into an authentic experience of living in Italy.

Lake Como Style

Founder is MilanoStyle’s little sister. It gives the reader an insider’s view of visiting Lake Como, Italy and nearby regions. LakeComoStyle is not only about tourism and fashion, but is an intimate look into an authentic experience of living in Italy.

Italy Travel & More

Founder is an online travel publication helping travelers plan and book experiences in Italy. The FAQ section is a useful resource for travelers planning their own itineraries.

Easy Milano

Editor and Project Manager

Easy Milano was founded in 2000 in print edition and in 2018 we made the transformation into digital format. Today, Easy Milano is an online publication with over 20,000 subscribers. Website content and social media are updated daily, and the digital newsletter is sent monthly.
Easy Milano has become a point of reference for the international community of Milan and its surroundings.

Freelance Writing & Photography


I am a travel writer and blogger based in Italy, my e-books are sold on and my work has appeared in publications like Huffington Post, Forbes Travel Guide, Italo-Americano, Wellum, LuxAfrique, La Provincia and Corriere della Sera. My travel photography is available for licencing on Picfair.

Companies I have collaborated with